CleanAir Table Top Jar

CleanAir Table Top Jar

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  1. Kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria
  2. Helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria
  3. Kills yeast & mould
  4. Assist in controlling surface bacteria
  5. Independently tested and proven
  6. NZFSA approved
  7. Biodegradable
  8. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly

Sneezing and coughing are the most common ways for germs and bacteria to be spread around the home or office. Ecogreen CleanAir - Air Sanitiser is a simple, effective and economical way of reducing the spread of airborne bacteria and germs. With its innovative, proven and tested formulation, once dispersed into the air, the carefully selected blend of essential oils which contain powerful anti-microbial properties, effectively kill airborne bacteria. 

Ecogreen CleanAir - Air Sanitiser significantly reduces the amount of airborne bacteria particles in the environment, therefore improving the air quality

Safe for use around people, pets and plants, Ecogreen CleanAir Air Sanitiser is a powerful air sanitiser which provides a responsible approach to daily hygiene

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Bacteria moves through the air by attaching themselves to dust particles. When Ecogreen CleanAir – Air Sanitiser is dispensed into the air, it attaches itself to these dust particles and compromising the integrity of the cell wall, causing airborne bacteria to dehydrate and die.

Aerosol - Spray into the air regularly to improve the air quality by reducing the spread of bacteria. 
Gel - Remove cap from CleanAir jar and remove seal. Replace cap and twist vent to fully open position. Each CleanAir jar generally treats 30m2 for one month. A Fan Air Dispenser may be used to assist in releasing and dispensing the product in larger areas.

Spray directly into the air as required.

Special Instructions

For Best Results
Use regularly to control the spread of bacteria and germs in the environment.

White gel/clear, light yellow

Shelf Life
Store this product out of direct sunlight in a cool dry area. For best results, use within 18 months

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